Rich Man Problem..!!

Health is Wealth Stories - Holy Man Wise Advice to Rich Man Moral StoriesOnce there was a very rich businessman who was kind and generous. He used to help everyone, everyone liked him still his family and friends were worried about him because he was very lazy.

He used to work from home and spent days, weeks in bed without getting out anywhere or doing any physical work to keep himself healthy because of his laziness.

Soon, he got fat and used to get tired very easily, time came when he was not even able to move himself. His family and friends got worried him and contacted many doctors to get him back to his feet but nothing worked.

One day family got to know about a holy man visiting his city. Rich man family went to holy man and asked him if he can help. Holy man said he can easily cure rich man. Family was very happy to know this. They requested holy man to come and visit rich man house to cure him but holy man refused.

Holy man said, “I will cure him but in order to get cured rich man have to come to him and visit holy man’s place.”

Next day, after strenuous effort, rich man was taken to holy man house and there he meet holy man. Holy man complimented him saying that he was kind and generous man and in order to have a good life he should regain his health.

Rich man was very happy to meet holy man and agreed. Holy man asked rich man to come to him next day for treatment but he will treat him only if he came to him by foot.

Holy man residence was at distant place from rich man house but in order to get treatment rich man who was not able to walk few steps properly with great effort and family help walked all the way to holy man house.

Unfortunately holy man was not there. One of Disciple of holy man came out side and asked rich man to come again next day for treatment.

Rich was sad to hear that as it took great effort to reach there but he agreed to come again next day. Next day again rich man took great effort to reach there but again was not able to meet holy man for treatment.

This repeated for 2 weeks but still rich man was not able to meet holy man and ask him for treatment.

As rich man was returning to his home he realized that he feels lot lighter while walking and he has lost some weight just in these few days. Now Rich man understood importance of being healthy and fit.

Rich man was thankful to Holy man for helping him and returned back with resolve to getting his health back. Soon, rich man regained his health and all his friends and family were happy to see him active and happy.

We should Understand that for better Life only Wealth is not everything. We should pay Attention to our Health too.

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