Harvesting Crops – Farmer and Bird’s Nest Story

Harvesting Crops - Farmer and Bird StoryA farmer lived in a village, He had a small farm outside the village. Once after farmer was done with sowing, a bird made a nest in his field.

After sometime, bird laid two eggs and soon its young one hatched from those eggs. Bird and its children started living living their life in that farm comfortably.

After few months when it was time to harvest which means It was time for bird and its children to leave the field and go to a new place.

One day while bird was away in search of food, its young one in the field heard farmer saying, “I will ask my neighbor to come here tomorrow and start harvesting crops.”

Hearing this, children of bird got scared. When their mother returned, children told her what they heard and then said, “Mom, today is out last day here. We must leave from here for another place in the night.”

Bird replied, “Not so soon children. I don’t think there will be any harvesting in the field tomorrow.”

What bird said proved to be true. Next day farmer’s neighbor didn’t came to field and crops could not be harvested.

In evening farmer came to field and saw that field was as it is. he started muttering with frustration, “He didn’t came.. I should ask my relative to come tomorrow and start harvesting.”

Children of bird again listened to farmer and got scared. They told their mother about it.

Bird said to its children, “You guys don’t worry. We don’t have to go tonight. I don’t think farmer relative will come tomorrow.”

Bird was right again. Farmer’s relative didn’t came to field next day.

Children of bird were surprised that everything that was going, was just as their mother said.

Next evening when farmer came to field, seeing field as it it, he started muttering, “Even after saying yes, they didn’t come. Tomorrow i myself will come and start harvesting the crops.”

Children of bird listened to this and told their mother about it.

Bird said, “Children, time had come to leave this farm. We will leave this farm tonight and go to another place.”

Both children were surprised and asked their mother, “Last two times you didn’t leave but what is it this time? Why are we leaving tonight?”

Bird replied, “Children, last two times the farmer was dependent on other for harvesting and has shunned his work by asking others to do it. But this time it is not so. This time he has taken responsibility on his shoulder. So he will definitely come.

Same night bird and it’s young one flew away from that field.

There is nothing wrong in taking the help of others but if you want to start the work on time and want it to be completed on time, then you have to take the responsibility of that work yourself. Others also help those who help themselves.

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