Hare Who was Very Friendly!! Friendship Story

Friend in Need is Frnd in Deed- Moral Stories Based on FriendshipOnce in a forest lived a hare who was very friendly with all other animals in forest. He nature was generous and would always help other in need. He was very popular among other animals and loved by them.

One day he was resting. Suddenly he sensed that a pack of hounds was running towards his place. Hearing that hare left that place and started running. He ran until he couldn’t run any more. So after he got tired he sat by roadside to rest.

Just after a while he saw a horse passing by, this filled his heart with hope. Hare approached him and said, “My friend, please help me! Hounds are after me. Please carry me on your back to other place.”

Horse became afraid and said, “Sorry am in a hurry but look there is your friend bull. Ask him for your help.” and left.

Hare ran toward bull and asked him for help, “Please help me friend, Please take me on your back and help me escape from hounds.”

“Sorry i can’t help you. I am off to join my heard but see there is your friend goat. Ask him to help you.”, saying this bull left from the scene.

Hare ran toward goat and pleaded for help but even goat gave some excuse and left.

Next hare saw sheep and asked him for help but even sheep refused to help saying, “Sorry my friend, right now am very weak and i would only be hindrance rather than help. but i am sure you will find a way to save yourself. ”

Now, hare can hear hounds getting close to him and he knew that his end is close. At this time he thought, “What kind of friends they were? In time of my need they all scatter like autumn leaves in a breeze.”

We should think twice before making friends. A friend should be such a way that he or she should help you in any situation. You should be aware of good friends and bad friends before making friendship. Do not become fool while making friendship.

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  1. Very good story,it refers my life also, I too made the same mistake in my life.Now i m also realized aout fact .

  2. Bhagar story

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