Father Son Story – Treasure in Fields..!!

Hard Work Story - Farmer and Sons Encouraging Moral Stories for KidsOnce in a village lived a farmer who used to live with his two young son. Farmer was very hard working and used to work at fields where as his sons were lazy and refused to do work in fields.

They would waste all day being idle. Time passed and farmer got old and weaker still he would work alone in fields without getting any help from his sons. Farmer was worried about his sons future.

Time passed and old man got ill, he called his two son and said, “I have hidden treasure in fields and if you can find that treasure then you wouldn’t have to work for rest of your life.”

Thought of not having to work for rest of life made them happy and they decided to dig the field. Same they both went to field and dig at every corner of field in search of treasure but couldn’t find anything.

They got sad and went back to old man and said, “We dig each and every corner of fields but there wasn’t any treasure in fields.”

Old man didn’t talked about treasure and replied, “I am ill and can’t go to fields but since you have dug fields, you can now go plant crops in those fields.”

Not finding treasure, sons did what old man told them to do and planted crop. With time old man instructed his sons and asked them to look after crops in fields until it harvest.

After the harvest, when they collected crop, they felt happy to see results of their hard work. That time old man again called his son and told them, “I don’t have any treasure..”

By this time farmer sons had realized importance of hard work and told their father that they realized that their hard work was the treasure and thanked him for teaching them value of hard work.

Working hard is key to Success and it is true Treasure for happy life.

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