Hammer Question to Keys – Force vs Love

Hammer Question to Keys - Force vs LoveOnce there was an old lock shop amidst the narrow streets of city. People would buy locks and keys and sometimes even come to get duplicate keys for their locks.

There was heavy hammer in locksmith’s shop which was sometimes used to break locks.

Hammer often wondered, “What is quality of these small keys that they can open even such strong locks in a jiffy where as don’t know how many blows i had to take to open that same lock.”

One day, after shop was closed, hammer asked small key, “How are you able to open even stubborn locks with such ease? Where as i despite being strong, can’t do this.”

Key replied, “You use force to open the locks, you hit them and by doing so, the lock doesn’t open but breaks.. Where as i do not hurt them, rather i enter it’s heart and it immediately opens.”

Something similar happens in human life. if we really want to win someone over, make them ours, then we have to get into that person’s heart.

It is possible to force someone to do something but in this way, we do not open their locks in mind or heart but breaks it.. Doing so we destroy the person, where as by winning someone’s heart with love, we increase his usefulness manifold.

Everything that can be achieved by force can also be achieved by love but everything that can be achieved by love cannot be achieved by force..

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