Guru’s Reward for Boy – Deep Meaning Story

Guru's Reward for Boy - Deep Meaning StoryOnce a man bought a diamond to a King and said, “Maharaj! I want to sell this diamond.”

King asked, “What’s price?”

Man said, “Maharaj! Whatever you think is right price for this diamond.”

King consulted ministers and jewelers about diamond price but no one could decide on value of diamond as it was a diamond no one had ever seen before. Some valued it for one thousand gold coins, other said ten thousand gold coins and so on..

In end, King announced in whole kingdom that whoever will tell the fair value of this diamond will be given a worthy reward.

A boy pursuing spiritual study, heard about this. He was son of a jeweler and used to live with his Guru to learn about life.

Boy reached palace and tested diamond for three months and finally while describing property of diamond, he said , “Maharaj! It’s value is one lakh gold coins.”

King bought the diamond for given price.

Now, question arose that what award should be given to boy. Again, King was not satisfied with answers given by ministers and all, so announcement was made in kingdom.

Boy’s Guru also heard this announcement. Guru came to palace and said, “Maharaj! I will tell you what award should be given to him. He should be made to stand in scorching sun and after an hour, he should be given ten lashes.”

King was surprised to listen to this and asked, “What kind of award is this?”

Boy’s Guru replied, “This is appropriate reward for him. God has given him such good intelligence and yet he used this intelligence to recognize the stone instead of using it for recognizing the real diamond, that is Soul.”

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