Guru Nanak Ji – Panja Sahib Story

Guru Nanak Ji Panja Sahib Story - Guru Nanak Ji Miracle Story in EnglishAfter traveling through many countries, Guru Nanak ji reached a Hassan Abdal fifty kilometers from Rawalpindi.

Guru ji stayed near foothills. When people came to know about Guru ji, they began to come to him and talk about God. Soon, numerous people started to gather around him.

There lived a Muslim priest who used to live on top of hill. His name was Bawa Wali. His house was at top of hill near a spring of fresh water, which was only source of water for the town.

People from town relied on spring to carry their basic need.

Priest was really arrogant person and when he saw people were going to Guru Nanak ji for Spiritual talks instead of his place, he got jealous and angry.

He thought of teaching town people a lesson and stopped spring water from flowing down to the town. People started getting troubled because of no water.

People realized that water from spring was no longer flowing, They went to Bawa Wali and begged him to let water flow down from spring as before.

Bawa Wali in full anger refused saying, “Go to your Guru, the one you visit everyday and ask for water from him.”

People had no other option. They went to Guru ji and told him everything.

Guru Nanak ji said, “Don’t lose your heart. Trust God, He will not let you die of thirst.”

Then Guru Nanak ji send Bhai Mardana, to go and appeal to Bawa Wali and request him to let the water flow down to town. But when Bhai Mardana went to him, Bawa Wali shouted at him angrily, “Go back to him and ask him to give water to people.”

Bhai Mardana came back to Guru Nanak ji and told him everything. Guru ji once again sent Bhai Mardana to meet Bawa Wali but he came back with same story.

Without water people became more and more worried. They went to Guru ji for solution.

Guru ji said, “Don’t lose your heart. God can make spring flow from wherever he wishes. Let us all pray to him.”

They all prayed. Then Guru Nanak ji lifted a stone and at once a stream of fresh water began to flow from that place.

And at same moment, Bawa Wali spring dried up. He was filled with anger. So he pushed a large rock from top of hill toward Guru ji.

Rock came rolling down toward Guru ji, Bawa wali thought that rock would crush Guru ji but to his surprise, Guru ji quietly raised his hand and rock stopped at the instant, it stuck Guru Nanak ji hand.

Guru Nanak ji, hand was imprinted on rock, seeing this Bawa Wali pride was broken and he came down and fell at Guru ji’s feet.

Guru ji said to him, “Rise my friend. Live as devotee of God should live. Be kind and Share with everyone.”

That rock still exists. There is a beautiful Gurudwara at that place called Panja Sahib.

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