Guru Gift to Disciple – Magic Mirror Story

Guru Gift to Disciple - Magic Mirror StoryOnce Guru of a gurukul was greatly impressed by service of his disciple. After completion of education, when disciple was about to leave, his Guru gave him a mirror as blessing.

It was not any ordinary mirror. It was a magic mirror which had ability to show true thoughts of any person’s mind and heart.

Disciple was very happy to receive mirror as blessing. He thought – Why not check mirror ability before going.

Thinking this, he turned that mirror towards his Guru.

Bad qualities like attachment, arrogance etc. were clearly visible in his Guru’s heart. Disciple got shocked seeing this.

“My Guru himself is full of so many demerits. Guru ji whom i considered an ideal man, a person without any bad qualities but mirror showed him something else.”, thinking this, disciple got very sad.

An instrument to test others had come in his hand. So, he started to check people where ever he go.

He checked many of his friends and other acquaintances by placing mirror in front of them. One or other bad quality was there, visible in everyone’s heart.

This experience made him more sad. He kept thinking why everyone in world is so bad. They are not what they appear to be.

He somehow reached home with sad heart, immersed in these hopeless thoughts.

After reaching home, he saw his parents. His father had great reputation in society and his mother was really kind. He kept mirror in front of his parents. He saw that even his parents not completely free from demerits.

Disciple thought that whole world is running on falsehood. Now, restlessness in his mind was not bearable for him.

He picked up the mirror and walked towards gurukul. He reached there and went straight to his Guru and stood in front of his Guru. Seeing him, restlessness in his mind, Guru guessed everything.

Disciple humbly said to Guru, “Gurudev, with the help of mirror given by you, i saw that there are different types of defects in everyone’s heart. I haven’t seen any pure heart person yet. I am sorry to say that i saw loads of faults in you and my parents too. This worries my mind a lot.”

Listening to this Guru ji laughed and turned mirror towards disciple. Seeing result disciple got stunned.

Every corner of his mind was filled with bad qualities like attachment, hatred, arrogance, anger. There was no such part of his mind or heart which was pure.

Guru ji said, “Son, i gave you this mirror to improve your life by seeing you bad qualities, not to find bad qualities of others. If you had spent this much time in improving yourself, as you spent in seeing bad qualities of other, your personality and life would have changed for good by now.”

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