Growing Best Quality Corn – Farmer’s Secret!

Growing Best Quality Corn - Farmer's SecretA farmer used to grow very good quality corn in his fields. He would participate in National crop fair and used to win every year.

One year a reporter came to competition to interview him, curious to know how he has been able to win every year.

When winner was announced, this year too that farmer won. In meantime, reporter went around asking his neighbors and other people, about him.

After knowing about him, reporter became more eager to interview him.

After results, reporter went to him and said, “Congratulation for your win. You win every year, what’s your secret?”

Farmer replied, “Thank you for your wishes. I was able to win because of everyone’s effort and hard work.”

Reporter asked, “I asked around about you and came to know that every year you share you best quality seeds with your neighbor and others farmers free of cost. Why so?”

Farmer replied, “When wind blows, pollen grains of ripe maize, spreads in surrounding fields. If my neighbors sow poor quality corn, then pollen grains from his fields will also be scattered in my fields.

And years after years due to cross pollination, quality of my crops will also deteriorate. So if i want to grow good corn then i should help my neighbors too.”

Reality of our Life is also Like this. If we want to live a good and happy life then people associated with us should also be encouraged to do same.

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