Grandfather Lesson for Kids – Story about Change

Grandfather Lesson for Kids - Story about ChangeSeeing grandfather sitting alone and sad, his grand kids asked, “What happened? What are you thinking about? Why you look so sad?”

Grandpa relied, “Nothing wrong, I was just thinking about life.”

“Please tell us about it.”, insisted kids.

Grandpa kept thinking for sometime and then said, “When i was young, there was no responsibility on me and there was no limit to my imagination. At that time i used to think about changing the world.

After i grew up a bit, my knowledge and intelligence increased. At that time, i started thinking that changing the world is a very difficult task. So i thought i can change my country if not the world.

Some more time passed and i was at middle aged man. Then i realized that changing country is no trivial matter. Not everyone can do this. At that time i thought if i want to bring some change then i should start with my family and close friends.

But alas, i couldn’t do that either.

Now, when i am this old, i have only few days left to live, i realized that if only i had thought of changing myself, i would have definitely been able to do so…

Saying this, grandpa eyes became moist and then he said softly, “Kids, don’t make same mistake as me. Before changing anything else, change yourself for good and then everything else will change automatically.”

We all have Power to Change the world but it Starts with Ourselves. Before changing anything else We have to change ourselves, We have to prepare ourselves, strength our Skills, Make out Attitude Positive. We have to steel out Resolve, pursue our Goal and then we will be able to bring every single change that we want to bring around us.

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