God’s Will and Apple from Heaven – God and Little Girl Story

God's Will and Apple from Heaven - God and Little Girl StoryOnce there an announcement was made from Heaven that God is coming to distribute apples. So, everyone got ready and stood in line to recieve apple from God.

A little girl was very curious because she was going to see God for first time. She was happy with thought of seeing God and getting an apple from him.

Finally the waiting in queue ended and her turn came. God gave her an very big apple but as soon as she got apple and came out of line, her apple slipped out of her hand and fell into mud.

Girl got sad after losing her apple. If she want to have apple again, she would have to stand in line again. Second line was longer than the first one but there was no other way.

Everyone was taking apples as their turn came.

Girl again stood in queue and started waiting for her turn again. After half queue got apples. Girl saw that apples were getting less and less in basket. Now, girl became very sad.

She thought that by her turn come, all apples would be finished. But by the time, her turn came, more new apples arrived.

God knew girl’s thought. When her turn came and she stood in front of God, he gave her apple to girl and said, “Last time apple was rotten from one side and it was not good for you. So i made it fall from your hands.

And made you stand in such long queue again because there was sometime for new and fresh apples to arrive and that’s why you had to wait. This red, fresh big apple is suitable for you.”

Hearing this, girl was happy.

Similarly, if any of your Work is getting Delayed, then accept it as God’s Will. Just as we try to give the Best to our children, similarly, God will give to his Children only What is Best for them.

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