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Here are some humorous/ interesting and entertaining short stories to brighten your day with a smile.

Three Questions by King - Akbar Birbal Stories English

King Akbar’s Three Questions for Birbal

King Akbar was very fond of Birbal. This made a certain courtier very jealous. Now this courtier always wanted to be chief minister, but this was not possible as Birbal filled that position. One day Akbar praised Birbal in front of the courtier. This made the courtier very angry and he said that the king…

Three Kick Rule Story - Funny Short Moral Stories for Kids

Rabbit in the Garden..!!

There was a lawyer. He loves fishing and hunting. It was a clear Saturday and he decided to spend his day fishing and hunting. He drove a long way to reach the forest and a lake was located near the forest. He decided to try his chance in fishing. Unfortunately, he could not catch even…

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Kid and Father.. Very Funny!!

Manu was a seven year old boy. He was naughty, funny and very mischievous. One day, his mom was unwell and he was looked after by his daddy. Manu’s daddy asked him to go to bed as it was close to 9.30 pm. Manu went to his room. His daddy was watching television in the…

Clever Kids - Funny Short Inspirational Stories

Clever Kids.. Sweet Funny Story

It was a busy high way that connects all major roads in the city. People rush in their vehicles and it leads to chaos in the busy road. Driving the vehicles beyond the speed limit became the major problem in the city. A police officer decided to watch for the vehicles that are driven beyond…

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