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Here are some humorous/ interesting and entertaining short stories to brighten your day with a smile.

Horse Thief - Short Funny Stories

Horse Thief/ Statue of Man and Lion – Short Funny Stories

Story 1: Horse Thief..! Once a man was going to another village on his horse. Village was quiet far away. Man started feeling tired while crossing forest. So, he came down from his horse and lay under a tree shade to rest and soon fell asleep. He tied his horse near by. A few hours…

Wife Response to Drunk Husband - Funny Story

Husband Wife Short Stories..!

Story 1: Man’s Search for Perfect Wife..! Once lived a man who remained unmarried his whole life. When he was ninety years old and dying, someone asked him, “You have remained unmarried your whole life but you never said what reason was. Now you are dying, if your secret is known it won’t harm you.”…

Pilot and Photographer - Interesting Funny Short Stories

Pilot and Photographer – Interesting Funny Short Stories

Story 1: Pilot and Photographer Story..! Young man John was told that a plane would be waiting at airport for him. After arriving at airport, he spotted a plane warming up outside hanger. John went there, jumped in and said, “Let’s go.” Pilot taxied and took off. Once in air, John said to pilot, “Fly…

Wife's Smart Solution to Problem - Funny Interesting Story

Wife’s Smart Solution to Problem – Funny Interesting Story

Once in a village lived a kind-hearted man Shyam with his wife Madhu. Although poor, he was generous man. Everyday he would bring guest home, for lunch. Often, couple would go hungry after serving guests. Madhu tried to tell her husband that it was difficult to feed guests, when they were themselves are struggling to…

King Demand and Clever Story Teller - Witty and Clever Thinking

King Demand’s and Clever Story Teller..!

Once upon a time, there was a King who was fond of stories. Many story tellers used to come to his court and tell him many stories. He would reward them with gold and gifts. One day, King asked his minister that next story teller must tell him a long story – a never ending…

Number of Apples - Teacher Student Story with Moral abt Different Perspective

Number of Apples? – Teacher Student Story

Once a Math teacher was teaching to class of six years old. She asked a boy, “If i give you one apple and one apple and one more apple then how many apples will you have?” With in seconds boy confidently replied, “Four.” Dismayed teacher was expecting an effortless answer – Three. She thought may…

Interesting School Story - Solution for Lipstick Marks on Restroom Mirror

Lipstick Marks on Mirror – School Story

Once in a school, Girls started to leave kissing marks on mirror of restroom. Janitor was troubled by this because he had to clean them and it was difficult for him to clean that. Janitor asked girls to stop doing that and left notices on toilet walls asking girls to stop leaving lipstick marks on…

unny Interesting Stories - Boy Choice of Question to Interviewer Story

Interesting Funny Stories..!

Story 1: Interview at Business School.. Once in an interview at a business school, a panel of interviewers was taking interview of prospective students for admission in school. One of the prospective student entered and sat down nervously on chair in front of them, One of interviewer said to boy, “We shall either ask you…

Three Monks Story - Funny Zen Monks Stories, Monk Reply to King Story

Three Monks Story – Funny..!

Story 1: Three Monks..!! Once three monks were sitting by a lake, deep in meditation. Just then one of them, stood up and said, “I seem to have forgotten my mat at home. I should go back and bring it.” Stepping on to the waters before him, he walked across to the other side, where…

Admission Conversation - Encouraging Principal and Kid Dialogue Interesting Story

Kid Admission Interview..!

Kid was bought to school to get admission in U.K.G. for interview as it was very difficult to get through admission in that school. Parents were really worried. Parents and kid entered principle office. Parents sat aside on sofa and kid was sitting in front of principal. Principal started to converse with kid.. here goes…..