Filter Test for Rumors!! (Must Read)

Socrates Moral Stories - Trust in Relationship Moral Stories

In ancient times, Socrates (Philosopher) in Greece were considered in High esteem for their knowledge. One day a follower of great philosopher went to him and started saying, “Do you know what things i just heard about one of your friend?” Just before he could say anything further philosopher interrupted him saying, “Hold on a … Read more

Hare Who was Very Friendly!! Friendship Story

Friend in Need is Frnd in Deed- Moral Stories Based on Friendship

Once in a forest lived a hare who was very friendly with all other animals in forest. He nature was generous and would always help other in need. He was very popular among other animals and loved by them. One day he was resting. Suddenly he sensed that a pack of hounds was running towards … Read more

Boy and Girl Deal – Moral Story Must Read!!

Relationship Moral Stories - Best Short Stories to Share

A Boy and Girl were playing together. The boy had a collection of Marbles and girl had some Sweets with her. Boy asked girl to give him sweet in exchange of his marbles. Girl agreed. When it came to exchange boy got greedy and kept the biggest and most beautiful marble with himself and gave … Read more

Caring for Friends Best Story


In a battle, while a soldier was preparing to bring back his wounded friend from the field. Seeing this his Captain said, “Its of no use, Your friends must be dead by time you reach him.” But soldier still goes and bring back his friend. Seeing dead body of his Friend on his shoulder Captain … Read more

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