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One Should chose his/her Friend Wisely. Here are Some of Best Stories on Friendship for Kids with Moral, Stories telling What’s True Friendship and Importance of Wise and Honest Friend in Life.

Krishna Sudama Story in English - True Friendship Moral Stories for Kids

Lord Krishna and Sudama Story

Lord Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. While Krishna thrived and prospered, Sudama didn’t. He lead a life of poor Brahmin, living in small hut…

Friends Stories with Moral - Judging Others

Friends Stories with Moral..!!

Story1: Four Friends Silence..!! Once four friends who used to practice meditation. One day they decided that they would observe silence for seven days. One…

Two Friends Story - Care and Affection in Friendship Short Emotional Moral Stories

Best Friends Story..!!

Long Ago, in a village lived two friends Raman and Tarun. Raman was from wealthy family where as Tarun was from poor family. Despite their…