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Here are some astounding short stories on friendship which will be really helpful in making kids a better friend and understand the essence of True friendship.

Sharing and Caring for Others - Friendship Moral stories for Kids

Caring for Others – Moral Story for Kids

Once lived a girl named Geeta, seven years old and only child of her parents. Her parents never refused her anything and because of this she became arrogant and spoiled…

Two Friends and Bear Short Moral Story for Kids

Short Friendship Stories with Moral

Story 1: Two Friends and Bear Story Once there were two friends, Sameer and Ravi. One day they both decided to go to city. Next day, they both started their…

Krishna Sudama Story - True Friendship Story with Moral in English

Krishna Sudama – True Friendship Story

Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. They meet at ashram of Guru Sandipani for first time. There they became close friends and after few years, both completed their studies and…

Krishna Sudama Story in English - True Friendship Moral Stories for Kids

Krishna and Sudama Friendship Story

Lord Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. While Krishna thrived and prospered, Sudama didn’t. He lead a life of poor Brahman, living in small hut with his wife and kids….

Friends Stories with Moral - Judging Others

Friends Stories with Moral..!!

Story1: Four Friends Silence..!! Once four friends who used to practice meditation. One day they decided that they would observe silence for seven days. One decided day they vowed to…

Friendship Moral Stories - Think Twice Before Trusting Someone Story with Lesson

Friendship Moral Story – Trust..!

Once in a town lived a rich man. He had very successful business. He met a man who used to visit to his shop daily. With time they became friends….

True Friends Story - Best Heart Touching Emotional Story of True Friendship

King’s Order – True Friendship Story

Once in a Kingdom, a man name Liam protested again King, King was arrogant he didn’t like anyone who would go against him so he ordered his soldiers to arrest…

True Friend Story in English - Very Interesting Story abt Real Meaning of Friendship

True Friend Meaning (Must Read)

Once there was a little girl Lily who was very friendly and popular in her class. She was friends with everyone in her class. There was no one in class…

Two Friends Story - Care and Affection in Friendship Short Emotional Moral Stories

Best Friends Story..!!

Long Ago, in a village lived two friends Raman and Tarun. Raman was from wealthy family where as Tarun was from poor family. Despite their status difference they used to…