Friends Stories with Moral..!!

Friends Stories with Moral - Judging OthersStory1: Four Friends Silence..!!

Once four friends who used to practice meditation. One day they decided that they would observe silence for seven days.

One decided day they vowed to keep silence for seven days.

Since they couldn’t speak up, they asked for an assistant for these seven days. Assistant work was to attend to do needful while they meditate.

One first day, they started early in morning and day time passed well.

In evening, assistant lit a oil lamp. As time passed by oil got less, light from lamp got dimmer.

Assistant’s attention was somewhere else.

Seeing this first friend couldn’t help himself and shouted, “Attend to the lamps..!!”

Listening to this, second friend said, “Have you forgotten?? You are not supposed to speak..!!”

Just then third friend piped up, “You fools..!! Why are you talking??”

“Huh..!! I am only one who kept silent..”, exclaimed the last.

We tend to Judge others very Quickly but Forget to look at our Own Act and Behavior. So, Before judging other. First ask yourself – How perfect i am?








Friends Stories with Moral - Jumping to Conclusion Story 2: Chunag Tzu’s Reply..!!

Once Chunag tzu and his friend were strolling along a river bank. They stopped by river for a moment to gaze at water.

Seeing fishes Chuang Tzu exclaimed, “Look at those fishes.. How they are enjoying themselves..”

“How can you say that?? How would you know?? You are not a fish.. to know if they are having a good time..!!”,said friend.

“You aren’t me either.. So how would you know that I don’t know the fish are having fun?,”said Chuang Tzu.

Others perceptions are as valid as yours. Think about that before jumping to conclusions..!!

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