Four Letters of Warning by God of Death!!

Four Letters of Warning by God of Death!!Once lived a man who was very afraid of death. All the time, he use to think, “I could die at any moment. What should i do? How can i avoid that?”

So, he prayed and made friends with God of death.

One day while talking, he said to God of Death, “You do not leave anyone? Someday you take me with you.. right?”

God of Death replied, “The one who is born in this world, have to die.. This is eternal law of universe.. That’s why my hands are tied.. I have to do it.

But if there is anything other than that you want me to help with, tell me.”

Man said, “Then, I only want that, you write me a letter few days before coming to take me with you, so that i can complete all my work which are still pending. I can explain everything to my children, hand down all the responsibility and business to them and use rest of my time, to worship God, before leaving this world.”

God of Death smiled and said, “Sure why not. I will send you four letters, not one. Don’t worry. I will give a lot of time between the four letters so that you can do the work consciously.”

Man was very happy. He didn’t felt any fear of death like he used to have. He thought, “If I complete all my tasks before leaving, then the Gods will also welcome me.”

Years passed, hour of death finally arrived. God of death came to him and said, “Friend, now your time is over. Come with me. I can not leave you here even for a moment.”

Man was shocked, he raised his eyebrows and said, “How can you call me a friend.. Are you not ashamed of yourself for betraying me? You had promised me that you would write letter before coming.

But now suddenly you came to take me with you.. without any prior notice. You did not keep your promise.”

God of Death laughed and said, “Friend. I sent you not one but four letters, you didn’t paid attention even once..”

Man said, “What.. But i didn’t even receive one.. Do you have any proof that you send me letters?”

God of Death said, “Yes, i have all four letters with me.. right now..”

Then showing letter God said, “My first letter was, when your beautiful black hair, turned white.. It was to warn you.. that you should do what you have left to do..

But you made your hair black again by applying artificial color and till today my white letters are written on your head, lost in your dreams of becoming young again.

A few days later I sent second letter, it was when light in your eyes began to dim. Still, by putting thick glasses on your eyes, you again started to see the world instead of closing your eyes from the side of the world for two minutes and meditate on God.

Even after this you were not careful, then I felt very sorry for your plight, as a friend, I sent the third letter. This letter was when your teeth were shook and broke. You did not even responded to this letter but got dentures and forcibly started savoring the material things of the world.

I was very sad that I am sending you warnings, thinking of way to tell you that little time has left for you but you were always ready to take a new artificial path to ignore those warnings.

As my last letter I sent diseases and pains but again you ignored everything out of ego.”

Man started weeping after listening about these letters sent by God and started repenting and admitted that he did not read these letters full of good warnings in ignorance.

Man said, “I always kept thinking that from tomorrow I will worship God, I will spend my earnings in good works but that tomorrow never came.”

When that man did not see anyway to extent time of his life, he tried to bribe God by offering all the money, he earned till date.

God of Death laughed and said, “Friend, this is nothing more than dust for me. Wealth, fame, power, all these greed can subdue worldly people, not me.

If you wanted to impress me, then you should have collected wealth of truth and good deeds, this is such a wealth, in front of which I could have been compelled, I could have been forced to reconsider my decision but what you have is this money only.

All your money, land and property, all the wealth stored in the vault will be left here, when you leave.”

There is only one Truth which is Unchanging, that we will surely Die one day.

How much wealth we will Accumulate in Life? How much Fame we will Get? What Kind of Children we will Have..! It is all Uncertain.

But We will Die one day only this one thing gets Fixed with Birth. Seeing the Signs of Age with Time, at least we should Practice living in the Remembrance of the God.

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