Four Friends Story – Be Wise

Four Friends Story with Moral - Think Wisely Moral Stories for Kids in EnglishOnce there were four friends who used to live in a village. Among those friends three were learned and had studied many scriptures where as fourth one was unlearned and didn’t have any knowledge of scriptures but he was wise one.

One day they all decided to go to city to look for jobs for them. On decided day they all come prepared.

They started their long journey. On their they had to pass through a forest. Their in forest on their way they saw some bones.

On examining they came to conclusion that it was bones of lion. Just then three friends who were learned started to boost about their powers.

One of then said that he can recreate lions skeleton to it’s original form. Other said he can add flesh to it and then third one said that he can make it alive again.

Listening to all this fourth friend said them not to try anything with that and warned them of their consequences.

But those three foolish friends didn’t listen to him and shut him and ignored his suggestion thinking that he didn’t know anything and is just jealous of their knowledge.

First friend used his mantra’s on those bone and soon they were changed to original form.

Then second friend used his mantra’s on those reformed bones and added flesh to those bone.

Just before third friend was going to use mantra. Forth friend tried to stop him but he also wanted to show his learning’s power and refused to listen to him.

Fourth friend climbed a tree before third friend proceeded with his plans. As soon as lion come to life, it killed all three learned friends and left.

One should not get Egoist about his Learning and Should listen to other’s Suggestion. Ego and Over confidence doesn’t let us to think Clearly which leads to Disastrous situation. It is Better to be Practical and wise than Learned.

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