Four Friends and Lion Story!

Four Friends and Lion Story!Once in a village, lived a four friends. Among them three had finest knowledge of scriptures while one friend didn’t had much knowledge of scriptures but was wise.

One day they started discussing future. First friend said, “We have acquired so much knowledge and i have heard that King of state have great respect for scholars. Why not go to court and impress him with our knowledge. I am sure as reward he will give us with immense wealth.”

All of them agreed with his suggestion.

Next day, all friends started journey to meet King. There was a dense forest on way. While passing through forest, they saw a pile of bones.

Seeing it, first friend said, “Why don’t we test our knowledge here?”

Three of them got excited to see results of their knowledge and agreed to do so.

Using his exceptional knowledge, first friend made animal bone structure out of that pile of bones. After this second friend with his accomplishment, gave that structure it’s flesh and blood.

Now, whole body of animal was in front of them as it would have been before it died.

After this, when third friend was about to recite mantra to infuse life into that body, fourth friend stopped him and said, “Brother, please don’t do such disaster. If lion comes alive, it will kill all of us,”

Hearing this, third friend became enraged and said, “These two have shown their ability and you are stopping me, Why? I also want to test my knowledge. I will definitely bring this lion to life.”

Fourth friend tried his best to stop but other friends didn’t listen to him. As soon as third friend started reciting mantra, fourth friend ran and climbed to the highest branch of nearest tree.

When third friend finished chanting mantra, lion sprang back to life. Seeing this, all three friends were happy as they successfully created a lion out of piles of bones. But before they could realize, lion attacked and killed all three of them.

Wisdom is always Superior to Knowledge.

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