Four Candles in a Room – Story about Hope

Four Candles in a Room - Story about HopeOnce at night time, four candles were burning in a room and they started talking to each other.

First candle said, “I am peace but in present there is catastrophe and robbery everywhere and it seems like world doesn’t want me any more. Therefore, i can’t stay here anymore…”

And saying that candle was extinguished.

After this second candle said, “I am trust and today there are lies and deceit everywhere. I don’t think i am needed anymore. Therefore, i am also leaving..”

Saying that second candle also got extinguished.

Third candle sadly said, “I am love, I have power to keep burning but today, everyone is so busy that no one have time for me. People are even forgetting to love their loved ones too. I cannot bear all this, therefore i am also going from this world..”

Saying that third candle also extinguished.

Just then an innocent boy entered that room and seeing extinguished candles, he said, “Why didn’t you candles burn till the end? How can you leave like this?”

At this, fourth candle said to boy, “Dear child, don’t be sad, I am hope and while i am burning you can light rest of candles again.”

Hearing this child eyes sparkled and he took that candle of hope and relight candles of Peace, Faith and Love.

When everything looks bad and there is darkness all around, even then Don’t give up Hope because its has so much power that it can give you back, every lost thing.

Keep your hope candle lit because if it keeps on burning that you can light all other candles.

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