Gardener and Foolish Monkeys Story

Gardener and Foolish Monkeys Story - Bad Leadership Leads to DisasterLong ago, It was time of new year. Everyone in kingdom was getting ready for three day celebration.

Everyone in palace were also excited for New year and preparing for it. King’s gardener was also engaged in preparations.

King’s palace garden was very beautiful. In palace garden lived a large troop of monkeys. They wouldn’t think too much themselves but follow orders of their monkey king. Monkey King was friends with gardener.

King’s gardener also wanted to go for celebration. Since everyone was busy, he didn’t want to bother anyone with garden care. So he decided to ask Monkey king to help him.

He went to monkey king and said, “O King of monkeys, my honorable friend, would you do a favor for me?”

Monkey king replied, “Sure..”

Gardener said, “New year is coming and i wish to celebrate it with my family. So i must be away for three days. In this garden there are plenty of fruits and nuts to eat for you and your subjects. Be my guest and eat as much as you want but in return can you please water the young tree and plants while i am gone.”

Monkey king agreed and replied, “Don’t worry about a thing my friend. We will do a terrific job. Have good time on your holidays..”

Gardener showed monkey king where buckets were kept and feeling confident about care of garden, he left to celebrate holiday.

Next day, monkeys king summoned all his subjects and told him about gardener’s request and asked them to water plants.

Monkeys filled up buckets and began to water plant and trees in garden.

Monkey king observed this for a while and then again summoned his subjects and said, “It’s not good to waste water. Therefore, before watering young plants or trees, you should first pull up each young plant or tree before watering to inspect how long the roots are and then give more water to ones with longer roots and less to ones with shorter roots. That way water will not be wasted and gardener will be pleased..!”

Without giving any further thought monkeys followed their king’s order.

Meanwhile, a wise man who was walking by entrance of garden saw monkeys uprooting all plants and then carefully pouring water into holes and put plants back.

He asked, “O foolish monkey what do you think you are doing to King’s beautiful garden?”

They answered, “We are watering trees and plants without wasting any water as commanded by our leader Monkey King.”

Man said, “If this is the wisdom of wisest among you – the king – then what are rest of you like? Intending to do a worthwhile deed, yet your foolishness turns it into disaster.”

A fool can turn an easy and good deed into a bad one. So, Always think twice before choosing your leader. Wise leader can take you to great height while foolish one can turn your life to disaster.

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