Foolish Man Story – Jeweler Stupidity..!!

Foolish Man Story - Jeweler Stupidity and Greed Short Story in EnglishOnce a fair was help in a village. In fair, people were roaming around and seeing many shops and buying things.

Among those there was a small shop set up by an illiterate man. His shop was filled with many colorful jewelry and others things made of glass.

In fair, a jeweler was also roaming around seeing shops and stuff. Just then one of glass piece in illiterate man’s shop caught his eyes.

He saw that among all pieces there was glass piece which was shining very brightly.

Quickly he understood that, that glass piece was not any ordinary piece but was a valuable diamond.

Jeweler got happy that today he will make great profit. He went to shopkeeper took that piece in his hands and said, “What is price of this piece?”

Shopkeeper replied, “20 Rs.”

Jeweler thought that why not save some more money while buying and thought of bargaining and replied, “But.. I will give you only 15 Rs for this piece..”

Shopkeeper refused.

There were not many people around that shop so Jeweler thought to himself that if I go away for now and came back after roaming for a while then shopkeeper’s mind may change and I can get that piece for 15 Rs.

Thinking this he went away. After roaming for a while he roamed around and returned to shop and he saw that piece was missing from shop.

Jeweler immediate asked to shopkeeper, “Where is that glass piece which i asked for before?”

Shopkeeper replied, “I sold it for 25 Rs.”

Jeweler got angry and replied, “What a fool you are.. It was not just a glass piece but a very precious diamond worth One lakh.”

Shopkeeper replied, “I am not a fool but You are..!! You knew that piece was not any ordinary piece but a precious diamond and yet you bargained for it and tried to buy it for 15 Rs. and left without buying it.”

Listening this Jeweler regretted his stupidity and went way empty handed.

Foolishness and Greediness Cause Loss.

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