Nasruddin – Food Stories..!

Nasruddin Feast Story - Witty Mullah Nasruddin Funny Stories in English

Nasruddin’s Funny Feast Stories with Moral..!! Food for Clothes..!! Scholar’s Treat for Nasrudin..!! Story 1: Food for Clothes..!! Once a great feast day was organized at palace. Many people were invited and Nasruddin was one of them. Nasruddin went to a palace for a feast day but he was dressed in all ragged clothes. He … Read more

Nasrudin Stories – Tricksters got Tricked..!!

Nasrudin Stories - Trickster got Tricked Mulla Nasruddin Stories in English

Funny And Interesting Narudin’s Tit for Tat Short Stories.. Neighbor’s Pot God’s Nephew..!! Story 1: Neighbor’s pot..!! Once Nasrudin went to his neighbor and borrowed a big pot. After two days he went back to his neighbor to return that pot. When neighbor received pot, he felt that it was heavier than usual. So he … Read more

Power of Words..!!

Akbar Birbal Stories - Choose Your Words Wisely Moral Stories for Adults in English

One night, Akbar had a dream that he had lost all his teeth except one. Akbar got greatly disturbed by that strange dream. Next morning he called his astrologer and asked him about meaning of his dream. Astrologer replied, “My Lord, This dream was an indication that all his relatives would die one by one … Read more

Unity is Strength – Brothers Story

Unity is Strength Short Story - Bundle of Sticks Short Moral Stories for Kids in Eng

Once in a village an old man used to live with his four Son. Four brother always used to quarrel among themselves. Seeing this their father felt very sad and wanted to end their dispute. Father trying to talk to them but still he failed to heal their disputes. At last he thought of an … Read more

Nasrudin Folktales – Village Head Stories

Nasrudin Folktales - Short Funny Nasruddin Hoja Folktales in English

Story 1:  Village Head Poetry..!! Once in a village, Village Head liked poetry and sometimes used to write on his own. One day while Village Head and Nasrudin were sitting at a shop, he read one of his poems to Nasrudin. Then he asked Nasrudin,”How is it?? Do you like it??” Nasrudin replied, “It wasn’t … Read more

Nasrudin Stories – Honest Smuggler..!

Nasrudin Stories - Nasrudin and Border Inspector Funny Witty Story in Eng

Once Nasrudin was leading a donkey that had bundle of wooden sticks on it’s back across the border. There inspector stopped Nasrudin for inspection. Inspector asked, “What is your business here?” Nasrudin replied, “I am an honest smuggler..” Inspector was surprised at reply and responded, “Really?? Ok then let me search everything and if i … Read more

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