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Here are some amusing folktales passed on from one generation to another which includes fairy tales, myths, legends, trickster tales and so on.

Old Blind Woman and Her Wish - Interesting Story

Old Woman and Her Wish..!

Once in a village, lived a blind old woman with her son and daughter-in-law. They were very poor. Old woman used to pray to Lord Shiva everyday. Because of her prayers and devotion, one day, Lord Shiva appear before her and said, “I am moved by your devotion. I will grant you one wish. So…

Japanese Folktales - Woodcutter and Priest Story about Work and Pray

Woodcutter and Priest – Japanese Folktale

Many years ago, there lived a woodcutter. He was a giant stature and lived with his wife and children. One day, a woodcutter meet a priest. Priest talked to him and then said, “I am afraid you never pray. You should find time from your work to pray to God.” Woodcutter replied, “If you had…

Dervish Stories - Sufi Saint Inspirational Best Short Interesting Moral Story

Dervish Lost in Desert Story

Once there was a wandering dervish (members of a Sufi fraternity) was lost in desert and was starving. He had nothing with him. As he was walking along an old pathway in desert, in search of something to eat, he found an empty sack that had been thrown there on road by previous passer by….

Mulla Nasrudin Tales - Wisdom Very Short Stories of Nasrudin in English

Mulla Nasrudin Wisdom Tales

Story 1: What is Fate? Once a man asked Nasrudin, “What is meaning of Fate?” “Assumptions”,he replied. Man questioned again, “in what way?” Nasrudin looked at him and said, “Sometimes you assume things are going to go well but they don’t.. that time you call it bad luck.. Then sometimes you assumes things are going…

Mulla Nasrudin Short Stories - Witty Funny Replies Short Stories to Share

Mulla Nasrudin Short Stories

Mulla Nasrudin Funny Stories.. Real Money..!! Writing Letters Mayor’s Superstition..!!   Story 1: Real Money..!! Once Nasrudin and his friend were lying on the green grass beside a country road. It was quiet and restful and peaceful. Just then Nasrudin said to his friend, “Right now i wouldn’t change places with anybody not even for…

Nasruddin Tales - Witty Nasrudin Salesmanship Ability Short Witty Story

Nasruddin Tales – Salesmanship..!!

Once Nasruddin was invited to party a Mayor’s place. On day of party he went to Mayor’s place wearing very fancy clothes. When Mayor meet him, Mayor’s eyes were caught on his big beautiful and fancy turban. Mayor said, “Wow..!! What a magnificent turban.. I have never seen anything like it. If possible i want…

Nasrudin Wisdom Stories with Moral - Helping Others Different Perspective

Nasrudin’s Wisdom Stories..

Once Nasirudin and friend was passing by a river and saw that a man was caught in river current and was hanging on to some rocks in order to avoid being carried away by current. Seeing this Nasirudin friend quickly went up to help that man. He bend down and extended his arm to man…

Mulla Nasirudin Stories - Boosting Warriors and Nasrudin Short Stories

Boosting Warriors and Nasirudin..!

Story 1: Nasirudin in War..!! One day several town warriors were gather at a village square and were talking about recent battle. Many people were present there including Nasirudin. During conversation, one of them boosted, “In midst of battle, i was injured severely and while several knives were still stuck in my arm,  i continued…

Witty Nasruddin Story - Nasruddin Response to Criticism Funny Stories

Witty Nasruddin – Response to Criticism..!!

Story 1: Response to Employer’s Advice..!! Once Nasrudin was working for an employer. Employer didn’t like the way he worked. So one day his employer called him and said, “There is no reason for you to go to market to buy materials separate times – You can surely do it at once…” Nasrudin didn’t said…

Nasruddin Feast Story - Witty Mullah Nasruddin Funny Stories in English

Nasruddin – Food Stories..!

Nasruddin’s Funny Feast Stories with Moral..!! Food for Clothes..!! Scholar’s Treat for Nasrudin..!! Story 1: Food for Clothes..!! Once a great feast day was organized at palace. Many people were invited and Nasruddin was one of them. Nasruddin went to a palace for a feast day but he was dressed in all ragged clothes. He…

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