Flow of Thoughts – Guru Disciple Story

Flow of Thoughts - Guru Disciple Story Once disciple went to his Guru and said, “My thoughts are bothering me a lot. Please help me.”

Next day, Guru took his disciple to a field where a farmer was taking water from a flowing canal to the field by making a path from that canal towards field.

Guru showed that scene to his disciple and said, “If this flowing water gets the right direction then this water will reach the fields and nourish the crops there.

If you do not give this water right direction, then water will make its own path and go there and entire crop field will be ruined.”

Disciple replied, “Right.”

Guru further said, “Just as it is important to give right direction to flowing water, in same way, it is very important to give right direction to moving thoughts because thoughts never stop. They keep moving continuously.

It is in your hand to give direction to your thoughts. If you want, you give them spiritual path and if you want, give them path of pleasure.

There is very deep connection between mind and thoughts. Mind will go only where thoughts take it. If you don’t provide right direction to your thoughts then mind will go in wrong direction.

First, thought will come and then action will start and then forward path will be made. Then there will be success and failure.

It is through thoughts that even a stranger becomes one’s own and it is through thoughts that one own becomes stranger.

Never forget that thinking is a superpower. Positive thinking is a blessing and negative thinking is a great curse.

Therefore, just invest your body, your mind and your money in good thoughts because true success and self peace always come from good thoughts and for good thoughts be in constant contact with good people then life becomes better.”

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