Father Teaches Son Way to Have Fun – Real Joy

Father Teaches Son Way to Have Fun - Real JoyIn evening, father and son went for a walk. While walking they reached near fields, where they saw that a pair of old shoes were lying on the way.

Shoes looked like they probably belonged to a poor laborer working near by in the fields. Seeing them son thought and said to his father, “Why not make this evening memorable with a little mischief?”

Father was confused.

Son said, “We should hide these shoes somewhere and then hide behind the bushes. When laborer will come, he will not find his shoes and will be troubled. He will try to find them and it will be a lot of fun to watch that.”

Listening to son’s words, father became serious and said, “Son, never make such jokes/ prank with a poor and weak person with the things he need. These things have no value in your eye but they are precious to poor. If you want to make your evening memorable, then let’s do another thing.”

Son asked, “What?”

Father said, “Come and let’s put some coins in these shoes and see what effect it has on laborer.”

They put coins in laborer shoes and then both hid in near by bushes.

Soon, laborer finished his work and came to place where he kept his shoes. As soon as he put his foot in shoe, he felt something hard.

He quickly took shoes in his hands and saw that there were some coins lying inside. He was surprised to find coins in his shoes then started looking around to see to find the one who kept those coins in his shoes.

But he could see no one far and wide. Then he picked up second shoes to wear and saw that there was money in that shoe too.

Laborer was overwhelmed. Sitting on ground on his knees, looking at sky, he started crying and with folded hands he said, “God, today you came here in some form. Thank you and whoever gave me this help through you. Thanks a lot for giving this, when i needed it most.

Now, because of your help and kindness, I can get medicine for my sick wife and will be able to feed my children well. You are very kind God. Thank you very much.”

Saying this laborer went to his home.

Son who was hiding behind bushes with his father listened all this and his eyes were filled with tears hearing laborer words.

Seeing tears in son eyes, father hugged him and said, “Do you think you could have remembered fun you would have had if you had hid his shoes and compared to that blessing given by that laborer gave you any less joy?”

Son replied, “Father, What i learned from you today, gave me joy which i can feel deep inside. I feel strange peace. I will never forget this day. Now, i can understand meaning of what you said.

Till today i used to think that its fun to trouble others, it’s real fun. But today i understood that real joy is not in taking away things but giving..”

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