Father Son Story – Large Stone!

Father Son Story with Moral - Short Moral Stories about Problems in LifeOnce a father and son were working in garden. Child wanted to get appreciated by his father so he was trying his best to help his father by performing minor works as directed by his father.

Father and his son were working on different sides of garden. Father saw a stone on his son side. Father said, “Son.. remove that stone from that place, we will plant a nice plant there..”

As directed by father, kid tried to move that stone but he was not able to move it. At last kid said to his father, “Dad, i am not able to move this stone it’s too heavy. I can’t do it..”

Father replied, “Try again.. Use all your means to remove this stone from that place..”

Kid again tried and used all his strength but still he was not able to dislodge that stone from it’s place. Kid got tired and started to cry as he was not able to do it even after using all his effort.

Listening his son crying father came running toward his son, sat beside him and hold him near himself and said, “Why are you crying?? You can move this stone. I told you to use all your means to move that stone.. Didn’t i??”

Son with sad look on his face replied, “I did. Dad i tried my best to remove that stone but still was not able to do it.”

“But you forgot about me, my dear. If you needed help why didn’t you included me in your ‘Means’?” replied father.

Child was enlightened to hear this and started working along with his father again. Now with his father help, he was able to remove that large stone easily from it’s place and plant a new plant in it’s place.

When we fail in Action and feel Depressed, we should not Forget about God. When ever we are not able to Keep Up we should Seek Help from God and Have Faith in him.

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