Father and Little Boy Puzzle Story – Problem Solving

Father and Little Boy Puzzle Story - Problem SolvingOnce 10 year old boy was playing and his father was doing his office work. While playing little boy was getting curious about things and kept repeatedly coming to his father to ask questions. Father was getting disturb because of this and couldn’t do his work.

He was getting upset but didn’t want to scold his little boy. So, he thought, “Why not give him some work, which can keep him engrossed for few hours and meanwhile i will be able to finish my work.”

He took out an old book and found a page with world map printed on it. He tore that page from book and cut them into small pieces and made a small puzzle game for boy.

Next time, when boy came, giving those pieces to him, he said, “Here is a puzzle for you. Take these pieces and join them. Joining these pieces will make a world map. Now, you have to go and make a world map. When the world map is made, then come and show it to me.”

Boy happily took those pieces and went away.

Father took a sign of relief that now boy will not disturb him for several hours and started doing his work.

But with in 5 minutes, boy came back to him and said, “Dad, look i made the world map.”

When father checked, he found that pieces were joined correctly. He was amazed by it.

He asked, “How did you do this so quickly?”

Boy smiled and said, “It was easy, Dad. Pieces of page that you gave me had a world map on one side and a picture of cartoon on other side. I just joined the pieces to make cartoon and world map was created automatically.”

Often we see a difficult problem and try to solve it. But when not able to solve, we think that it cannot be solved and get troubled over it. This is because we see only from one side, our own point of view. We are not able to think that there can be another aspect to it, by which it can be solved.

Therefore, whenever there is problem in life, it should be assessed by looking at every aspect of it. That way, an solution can be found for that problem.

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