Farmer’s Well and Cunning Neighbor Story

Farmer's Well and Cunning Neighbor - Akbar Birbal StoryOne day, a farmer was looking for a water source for his farm. So, one day he went to his neighbor and asked him if he can sell his well to him.

Neighbor agreed. Farmer bought well.

But neighbor was a cunning man. Next day, as farmer came to draw water from his well, his neighbor came and refused to let him take any water.

Farmer was shocked. He asked, “Why can’t i take water? I already bought well from you.”

Neighbor replied, “I sold you well, not the water.”

Distraught farmer went to emperor to ask for justice. He explained what had happened.

Emperor called on Birbal, his wisest courtier.

Birbal asked neighbor, “Why don’t you let farmer take water from the well? You did sell well to farmer?”

Neighbor replied, “I did sell well to farmer but not water with in it. Therefore, he has no right to draw water from well.”

Birbal asked them to come later.

Next day, all went to place where well was. There Birbal said to neighbor, “Look, You are right, you sold well not water.

Since you sold well not water, therefore you have no right to keep water in farmer’s well. So, now you have two choice: Either you pay rent to farmer or take it out immediately.”

Neighbor realized that his scheme had failed, neighbor apologized and went home.

Cheating will Not get you Anything. If you Cheat, You will Pay soon enough.

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