Farmer Choice of Fruit Story – God is Merciful

Farmer Choice of Fruit Story - God is MercifulThere was a Hugh orchard at King’s palace. Wide variety of fruits were grown in that orchard. A farmer was appointed as the head for management and maintenance of that orchard.

Farmer used to go to King’s palace everyday with fresh fruits from the orchard.

One day farmer saw that fruits of coconut, guava, plum and grapes were ripened and were ready to be served to King.

Farmer started thinking – Which fruit should i take to King today?

After thinking a while, he filled basket with grapes and went to palace to give it to King.

When farmer reached palace, King was lost in thoughts and seemed angry. Farmer didn’t said anything and put the basket of juicy grapes in front of King and sat down there waiting for King’s response.

King was lost in some thoughts and while thinking he started picking grapes one by one and threw it aiming at the farmer’s forehead.

Whenever grapes hit farmer’s head or body, farmer would say, “God is very kind and merciful.”

After a while King realized what he was doing and what response was coming from farmer.

King got up and said to farmer, “I was hitting you again and again with grapes, it must have hurt still you are saying – God is very merciful.. Why?

Farmer humbly replied, “Sir, today coconut, plum and guava were also ready in plantation but still i bought grapes instead of these fruits. If i had bought coconut or plum or guava instead of grapes, what would be my condition right now?

That’s why i am saying – God is very kind and merciful.”

Similarly, God eases many of our troubles and saves us but still it is us who are thankless and blame God for any trouble we face.

We question to God – Why is it happening to me? What’s my fault? We don’t want to accept and understand that Whatever we face is result of our own actions.

Even if we keep blaming God for our troubles, he keeps showering his blessing on us. If we realize how much God has given us then even lifetime won’t seem enough to thank him.

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