Farmer and Snake Enmity! Bitter Truth of Life

Farmer and Snake Enmity! Bitter Truth of LifeOne day a farmer was working in fields with his son. Suddenly his son foot fell on the tail of snake. As soon as snake’s tail was pressed under his feet, snake hissed and bites farmer’s son.

Due to effect of poison, farmer’s son died that instant.

Seeing death of his son in front of him, farmer got angry. He raised his axe to attack snake and cut off snake’s tail.

Snake started writhing in pain. Snake ran away into it’s bill and decided to take revenge.

When farmer left, snake came out, bit cattle present in shed and due to poison cattle died. When farmer saw this, he got so angry that he decided to find and kill the snake. Even after trying farmer couldn’t find snake.

Soon, snake came back and bit and killed more cattle present in shed, day by day.

Seeing so much loss, farmer started thinking – I have suffered a lot due to enmity with snake. Now to end this, i should extent hand of friendship towards the snake.

So, he filled a bowl with milk and placed it near snake’s hole and said, “Both of us have done a lot of damage to each other. Now, let’s end this enmity and be friends. Lets both forget what happened and stop harming each other.”

Snake replied from inside the bill, “Take the bowl of milk and leave immediately. Because of me you have lost your son, which you will never forget and because of you i have lost my tail, which i will never forget. That’s why friendship is not possible between us now.”

Harm done to One, can be Forgiven but can never be Forgotten.

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