Farmer and His Dog – Story about Distractions in Life

Farmer and His Dog - Story about Distractions in LifeOne day a farmer’s acquaintance came to visit his house but farmer was not present at home at that time.

Farmer’s wife was there. She greeted guest and told him, “He has gone to fields. I will send someone to call for him. Till then you can wait.

Within no time, farmer reached home from the fields and along came his pet dog.

Dog was gasping heavily and seeing this, farmer’s guest asked him, “Is your field far away?”

Farmer replied, “No. it is near. But why are you asking this?”

Guest said, “I am surprised to see that you and your dog both came back together, yet you don’t look tired at all while your dog is gasping profusely.”

Farmer smiled and replied, “My dog and i have come home from same path and yet my dog is tired and i am not.

Reason for this is that i have come home from straight path but my dog is compelled by its habit. Seeing other dogs around, he ran after them to drive them away and came back to me barking and then as soon as he saw another dog, he started running after time.

And because of his this habit, this sequence continued throughout the way. That’s why he’s tired.”

If seen, this situation of today’s man as well.

Reaching goal of life is not difficult, but negative people that meet in the way are making a person stray from his straight and easy path of his life.

Man gets deviated from his goal and this deviation is making him tired and that is the biggest obstacle in achieving goal and one’s energy is wasted by negative people he meet on the way.

Ignore these kind of people, keep moving straight in the direction of achieving the goal and then one day you will reach the destination.

Now you have to think whether to walk straight like a farmer or like his dog!

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