Farmer and Daughters Story

Farmer and Daughter Story - Best Stories About Trust and Believe in GodOnce in village lived a farmer who had two daughters. Farmer’s elder daughter was married to a farmer and younger one was married to a potter.

After their marriage he used to visit his daughters to know their well-being.

During one of his visit to his elder daughter. Farmer’s elder daughter requested him to pray to God for More rains as that year rain was not god enough for crops to grow.

Farmer agreed to pray for more rains. After he reached home he prayed to God for more rain. His prayer were listened and next day it was raining.

On next day, farmer next visited his younger daughter. When he met his younger daughter he saw that she was sad and when farmer asked her reason she said, “Because of last night rain all pots were still wet and today there was no pot to sell.”

So she requested his father to pray for more sunshine and no rain as hardening of clay depends on sunshine as not good for potter work.

Now poor farmer was in confusion. His both daughters were asking him to pray for contradicting prayers. He was not able to decide for whom he should pray.

He couldn’t chose between anyone of them as he loved his both daughter equally.

He knew that if he would pray for more rain then his younger daughter husband work would suffer and if he pray for sunshine then elder daughter husband work would suffer.

Finally he made his mind and prayed, “God do as you wish.. May your Will be Done..!!”

We should Trust God and Pray from Heart. We should not Lose Heart and Get Disappointed at Loss as God is Always there for Us, to look after Us. God will do what’s Best for Us at that Moment.

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  1. Matthew 5:45…God sendeth rain on the Just and on the Unjust.

    Luke 22:42 “Saying Father if Thou be willing, remove this cup from me, nevertheless not my will, but Thine, be done.”


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