Farmer and Boulder in Field Story – Problems in Life

Farmer and Boulder in Field Story - Problems in LifeOnce in a village lived a farmer who used to work in a big field. In middle of his field there was boulder stuck in land which used to get in farmer’s way while working.

Farmer would work cautiously around that boulder but still there were time he would stumble because of that boulder and fell.

Whenever farmer fell, he would think of getting that boulder remove from his field but then got scared of thinking how big that stone was and how deep it might be stuck in land. He thought he couldn’t do it alone and it would take lot of time. Thinking all that he would leave that stone as it is.

Like everyday, in morning farmer went to his fields to work but again same thing happened, once again farmer’s foot got stuck on that boulder and he stumbled and fell over. His plow also broke because of that stone.

Farmer got very angry as for years he had to face loss of his tools many time because of that stone. This time he thought that, he would dig out that boulder from that land and throw it out of his fields.

He immediately went back to village and came back with 4-5 people holding tools to dig that boulder out.

When farmer reached near that boulder he said to people who came with him to help him, “Friends, you see this stone, it has caused me much harm and today we will remove it from its root and throw it out of my fields.”

Saying this, farmer took shovel and started digging around that stone. He just made 2-3 strike to dig soil around that boulder and whole boulder came out of land.

Seeing this people around him laughed and one of them said to him, “What is this brother? You used to say that there is a very big boulder stuck in your field but this is just a big rock which was just lying here. You could remove it alone.”

Farmer was also surprise to see that for all these years, he thought that a big boulder was stuck there but today he found that it was just a big rock which could be remove easily by himself only.

He regretted and wished that he had tired to remove it already then he wouldn’t have to face this much all those years.

Like farmer, In our life many times when we face small obstacles that looks too big to face, instead of dealing with them, we keep suffering. Therefore, it is important that we chose to fight those troubles without losing time.

When we chose to fight, we can see that in no time, that big trouble start resembling a small problem and we can remove it from our life and move forward.

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