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Here are some real life inspiring short stories of famous impactful personalities like scientists, sportsperson, political and spiritual leaders who lead wave of change in different fields.

Alexander and Indian Sage Story - Power Surrender Before Spiritualism

Alexander and Indian Sage Story

When Alexander came to India, He discovered that out of all the countries he conquered, most truthful and wise persons were found here in India so he told about his desire to meet heads of India i. e. the philosophers and the saints. He was taken to Indus river where meet a Saint. Alexander was…

Inspirational Story of World Best Shooter - Story of Will and Determination

Inspiring Story of Karoly Takacs

Karoly Takacs of the Hungarian Army, was top pistol shooter in the world for men’s 25 metre rapid fire pistol. He had won many national and international championship in shooting. He was preparing for Olympics 1940 and was expected to win Gold for his nation. But one day in 1938 during his army session a hand…

Surdas Story - Best Moral Stories for Kids abt Overcome Your Weakness Stories

Surdas Story – Anger Issue.!

Surdas was a 14th-century blind saint, poet and musician, who was known for his devotional songs dedicated to Lord Shri Krishna. When young, Surdas wanted to learn Spirituality so he went to Guru and requested him, “Please accept me as your disciple.” Guru found out that Surdas has lots of quality but he had anger…

Real Life Inspirational Stories - KFC Owner Success Story Short

KFC Colonel Sander’s Inspirational Story!!

Sander’s was born in 1890. When sander’s was 5 yrs old, he lost his father. His mother who was housewife had to go out to work to earn for family and sander’s had to take care of his siblings. He used to look after and cook for them. By age of 7 his skills got…

Socrates Moral Stories - Trust in Relationship Moral Stories

Filter Test for Rumors!! (Must Read)

In ancient times, Socrates (Philosopher) in Greece were considered in High esteem for their knowledge. One day a follower of great philosopher went to him and started saying, “Do you know what things i just heard about one of your friend?” Just before he could say anything further philosopher interrupted him saying, “Hold on a…

Thomas Edison Childhood Incident - Inspirational Stories for Kids

Thomas Edison Childhood – Inspirational Story

One day Thomas Edison came home and gave a paper to his mother. He told his mother that his teacher gave this paper to him and said, “Give this to your mother.” His mother open it and read the paper. After reading paper her eyes filled with tears. Thomas asked his mother about what was…

Story of Nobel Prize - Best Inspirational Short Stories

Story of Alfred Nobel Inspiring

About hundred of years ago, A man woke and got his newspaper from door. As he sat to read newspaper to his horror ans surprise he read his name in the obituary column. Newspaper reported the death of person himself by mistake. Firstly he got shocked but after sometime he regained his mental state to…

Brooklyn Bridge Inspirational Story - Moral Stories

Brooklyn Bridge Inspirational Story

It’s story of a creative engineer named John Roebling who build the Brooklyn Bridge in New York despite of all the rejections and circumstances he had to face. In 1883, Engineer John Roebling had an creative idea to build a spectacular bridge to connect New york with Long Islands. He presented his idea to experts…

Story of The Praying Hands Painting - Heart Touching Story

Story of The Praying Hands Painting

In fifteenth century, There was a tiny village near Nuremberg. A family with 18 children lived there. Eighteen!! just to provide food for family the father and head of family, goldsmith by profession, worked eighteen hours a day. Despite their seemingly hopeless condition. Two of Albrecht Durer and Albert the elder children had a dream….

Precious Coin And Generosity Gandhiji Life Short Story

Precious Coin And Generosity

Mahatma Gandhi was on expedition to collect funds for sangh. He went to various cities and villages for his Charkha sangh. During his expedition he reached orissa and had organized a meeting there. He gave a speech and requested people to offer funds for sangh. After the speech, A very old lady wearing faltered cloths,…

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