Slave of Slave – Alexander and Indian Saint Story

Slave of Slave - Alexander and Indian Saint Story

After Alexander established his empire in Greece, Egypt and North India, his army was tired after years of fighting and wanted to return home. So, Alexander decided to return from India. But before leaving he wanted to take with him a knowledgeable person from India. He came to know about a Saint who lived near … Read more

Value of Pen – Life Lesson

Value of Pen - JRD Tata and his Friend Life Lesson about Carelessness

JRD Tata had a friend who used to misplace and lose his pen very often. He used very cheap pens so that he need not to worry about losing them. Friend told JRD Tata that he was worried about his carelessness habit. One day, JRD suggested him to buy the costliest pen, he could afford … Read more

Alexander and Indian Sannyasin..!

Alexander and Indian Sage - Stories from History

Before Alexander came to India, his teacher Aristotle had asked him, “Bring a sannyasin when you come back. I would like to see what a sannyasin is like, what it is all about because that is greatest contribution of India to the world.” After invading India, When he was going back he remembered. He inquired … Read more

Aristotle Question to Man on Beach..!

Aristotle and Man on Beach Story - Deep Meaning Philosophy

One day, Aristotle was walking on beach, a glorious sunset was happening but he didn’t have time to appreciate that as he was busy thinking seriously about some great problem of life, problem like existence of life itself. While thinking, he walked up and down the beach. There on beach he saw another man who … Read more

Genghis Khan and his Falcon Story

Genghis Khan and his Friend Falcon Story - Think Before you Act

One morning, Genghis khan went out for hunting with his companions. His companions carried bows and arrows where as Genghis khan carried his favorite falcon on his arm. He knew that his falcon was much better than any arrow because it could fly into skies and see everything that a human being couldn’t. Despite the … Read more

Inspirational Story of Enrico Caruso

Inspirational Story of Enrico Caruso - Hardwork n Success Story

Once upon a time in city of Naples in Italy, a young boy of about eleven years old who used to live with his mother. They were very poor, so both of them had to work so that they can earn enough money to buy their daily needs. Boy used to work in factory. Young … Read more

Swami Vivekananda and Professor Story

Swami Vivekananda and Professor Story - WItty and Intelligent Response

When Swami Vivekananda was studying law at University College, London. A White professor, disliked him intensely. One day, Professor was having a lunch at dining room, just then Swami Vivekananda came along with his tray and sat next to professor. Professor trying to insult, said to Swami, “Mr. Vivekananda, a pig and a bird do … Read more

Vikram Sarabhai and Young Man Story

Vikram Sarabhai and Young Man Story - Real Life Incident

Once near Trivandrum seashore, an Elderly gentleman was reading Bhagavad Gita. At that time, a talented atheist young man came and took seat by side of that gentleman. Seeing elderly reading a religious book, young man taunted by saying, “In age of science, only foolish people prefer to read old-fashioned books like Bhagavad Gita. If … Read more

Market for Slaves – Greek Philosopher Diogenes Story

Market for Slaves - Diogenes the Cynic Famous Greek Philosopher Story

Diogenes was the antisocial, ascetic philosopher who lived in a barrel and rejected all of the norms of civilized behavior. Those days, people were sold in market as slaves. So few merchant who used to deal in selling slaves, saw Diogenes lying down by side of river. They were overjoyed to see such good build … Read more

Alexander and Greek Mystic Diogenes Story – Last Three Wishes

Alexander and Greek Mystic Diogenes Story about Life Desires

Alexander meet two great mystics. One of them was Diogenes, a Greek mystic who lived in utter ecstasy, always in celebration. Once Alexander had gone to see him and said to him, “You are the first man i am feeling jealous of.” Diogenes replied, “This is strange because you are one of the Greatest Kings, … Read more

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