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Here are some of the best Inspiring, Motivating and Heart touching stories about Family such as Parent – child, Husband – wife relationships to learn and realize about hardships and sacrifice of our loved ones.

Story of One Leg and One Arm Soldier - Sad Short Story

A Soldier’s Sad Heart Touching Story..

It’s story of a soldier who was finally coming home after having fought in war. Before going home he called his parents. Soldier, “Mom dad, I am coming home but i have a favor to ask. I have a friend with me whom i want to bring home with me.” “Sure, We would love to…

Kid Gift to Parents Story - Hand Made Card With Hand Print

Kid Handmade Card to Parents

In a family lived father mother and a child. Parents used to scold him for printing his hand print with painting colors all over the walls of house. One day kid gave a Handmade card to his parents. When parents got the card they saw there was a little hand print of their son on…

Best Story for Relationship - Husband Wife Emotional Story

Husband Wife Emotional Story!! Must Read!!

It was anniversary and Ria (Wife) was waiting for her husband to show up. After some years of marriage things changed between them. Once cute couple who couldn’t live without each other now had turned bit bitter. They were now fighting over every little things, both didn’t like changes came ito their marriage. Wife was…

Heart Touching Stories of Father and Daughter in English

Father Love for Daughter – Heart Touching Story

One day Little 12 years old girl asked her Father, “What are you going to gift me for my next birthday?” Father Smiled and said, “There is much time, so wait till your Birthday.” Just after few days of this conversation, the girl fainted and was rushed to the Hospital. After checking on girl, Doctor…

Dead Son Portrait Story - Heart Touching Stories Father Son

Dead Son Portrait Story

Long time ago, There was rich man and his son. Both shared a passion for collecting art. They used to travel around the world together and collect priceless work by Picasso and many other. Man had an satisfaction as his son had trained eyes and sharp business. So, Man knew that he would became as…

Mother's Love - Mother and Son Heart Touching Story

Mother’s Love for Her Son

There was a Kid who lived with his mother. Kid used to hate her mother because she had only one eye. He used to feel embarrassed. Mother used to work as cook to support the family and his kid studies. One day mother went to kid school to meet him but kid was so embarrassed….

Life changing Experience at Airport - Marriage Love Stories

Life Changing Event at Airport

Story of man who experienced a life changing event at airport while he was waiting there to pick up his friend. As the man was trying to locate his friends at airport, He noticed a man coming toward him carrying his bags and stopped right next to him. After reaching his family he first motioned…

Funny Husband Wife Conversations - Funny Moral Stories

Funny Husband Wife Conversations

A husband feared that his wife was not hearing well as she used to hear. He got into thinking that she might need a hearing aid but he wasn’t sure how to approach her. For suggestion he called family Doctor and told him about the situation. Doctor told him to test it by a simple…

Boy's Reply to Father - Short Story About Son and Father

Boy’s Reply to Father..!!

One day, While father was working his son came… Son: Papa May i ask you a question? Father: Sure Son: Papa how much money do you make an hour? Father (got upset a bit): Why do you ask such thing..!! Son: I just want to know. Please tell. Father: I make 500rs per hour. Son…

The Old Man And The Wooden Bowl Story - Family Stories

Old Man And The Wooden Bowl Story..!!

An old man came to live with his son, daughter-in-law and little grandson. Old man physical condition was not very good. His hand trembled and eye sight was weak and his step faltered. The family used to ate dinner together on the table. But the old man shaky hands and weak eye sight made it…

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