Falcon Baby Living with Chicks!! Life Lesson

Falcon Baby Living with Chicks - Life LessonOnce a farmer found an egg of a bird and he took it to his farm and put it with hen’s egg. Hen started incubating that egg with it’s other eggs.

In few days chicks came out of hen’s egg and falcon baby came out of that egg. Falcon baby started growing up with chicks. It would eat, drink and play with chicks jumping here and there.

While living with chicks he never realized that he was not a chick but a falcon. He lived like a chick happily.

When it was time to learn to fly, it would fly small heights just like chicks and then come back to ground. It wanted to fly high but seeing that other chicks would fly only a little high and then come back to ground, he would imitate them and never tried to fly higher than that.

One day, a falcon was flying above that farm in the sky, when falcon baby saw it, he asked hen,”Who is that bird, which is flying so high?”

Hen replied, “He is a falcon, king of birds. He flies at that highest altitude. No other bird can match him.”

Baby falcon said, “If i want to fly like him too.. can i fly?”

Hen smiled and said, “What are you saying? You are a chick. Even if you try you wont be able to fly as much as an falcon. So don’t waste you time thinking about it, it would all be in vain. Be happy with flying, you learned till now.”

The falcon baby accepted this and never tried to fly high. Despite being a falcon, he lived like a chicken for the rest of his life.

Thoughts and Attitudes have a profound effect on our Lives. We are all full of Potential and Possibilities. No matter what situation we are in, We need to Recognize our potential and broaden our Thinking and Perspective.

If we consider ourselves to be chickens, we will become chicks and if we consider ourselves to be falcon, we will become falcon. Don’t underestimate yourself, don’t limit your potential, be a falcon and fly high in life.

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