Fakir at River Bank/ Saint Advice to King – Story abt Desires

Fakir at River Bank - Story about DesiresStory 1: Fakir at River Bank Waiting..!

A fakir was sitting on the bank of the river. A man who was passing by, he came near fakir and asked, “Baba, What are you doing?”

Fakir replied, “I am waiting for entire river water flow to end, so that i can cross it.”

Man said, “What are you talking about? If you wait for all the water of river to end then you will never be able to cross the river.”

Fakir replied, “This is what i always tell to people, to people who always say that once the responsibilities of life are completed then i will live freely, have fun, Chant God name.

But people don’t understand that – Just as water of river will never end flowing and instead of waiting we find a way to cross through this water.

Similarly in life, responsibilities doesn’t end, work of living being never ends. Therefore, we should learn to make time to live life, Remember God, Chant God name.”


Story 2: King and Saint Story…!

Once there was King who was very kind. In his kingdom, he would ensure that no one would go hungry, everyone have roof over their head, everyone have clothes to wear. He got hospitals opened so that everyone illness could be treated.

This way, he would provide his people with every thing they need and want. He would take care of welfare of his people in every way.

Still he got to know that people were not completely satisfied. If one demand was met, then another would have arisen. King still tried his best to fulfil those demands but there was no end to desires of people. King resources were limited.

A time came when King fell ill. King was given best treatment but there was no benefit.

Co-incidentally, one day, a saint happened to visit kingdom. Hearing about King’s illness, saint went to meet him.

King condition was very bad. Seeing him, King told him his plight of not able to satisfy his people demands and said, “Maharaj, please take away my sorrow.”

Saint remained silent for sometime and then said, “O King, you yourself are the cause of your sorrow.

There is a big mistake in your thinking. You want to fulfil all desires of your people but remember, all desires can never be fulfilled.

Mind is fickle. More you give, more they ask for. Happiness doesn’t lie in fulfilling desires but in controlling them.”

Listening to this, King realized the truth and soon regained his health.

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