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Amazing and Fun Facts about Dogs - Facts you May not Know abt ur Dog

24 Amazing Fun Facts about Dogs

Dogs Noses are Wet to help Absorb scent chemicals. Dogs have three Eyelids. Third lid is called the ‘haw’ and it is responsible for keeping…

28 Interesting and Fun Food Facts for Kids - Best Food Knowledge Facts

28 Interesting Food Facts

Titanium dioxide is a food Additive that can be found in a variety of Foodstuffs like ranch dressing, coffee creamer, icing and powdered sugar. Green,…

16 Interesting and Mind Blowing Fun Facts about Stars for Kids

16 Interesting Facts about Stars

Milky Way galaxy, where our Solar system belongs is said to have 100 billion Stars. Scientists estimate that there are likely to be over 100…

Some Interesting and Unknown Facts about Ramayana

Some Interesting Ramayana Facts

Ramayan is is Historical compilation of incidents that Occurred at end of Tretayug. Valmiki was Original author of Ramayana, Tulsidas wrote another adaptation known as…

26 Amazing Human Body Facts - Quick and Fascinating Facts for Kids

26 Amazing Human Body Facts..

The Human brain has a Memory capacity which is the Equivalent of more than Four terabytes on a hard drive. The total Length of all…