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20 Interesting Facts about Earth - Mind Blowing Facts abt Our Planet Earth

20 Mind Blowing Facts about Earth

Earth is the Third planet from the Sun and the Fifth largest in the Solar system. It is the only known planet to Sustain Life. Earth was formed around 4.5…

Some Interesting and Unknown Facts about Ramayana

Some Interesting Ramayana Facts

Ramayan is is Historical compilation of incidents that Occurred at end of Tretayug. Valmiki was Original author of Ramayana, Tulsidas wrote another adaptation known as Ramacharitmanas. Valmiki the author of…

15 Interesting Subconscious Mind Facts n its Relation wid Conscious Mind

15 Interesting Facts about Subconscious Mind

We can only use 5% of our Brain capacity, that means our Subconscious Mind controls the remaining 95% of brain. Subconscious mind picks up on Everything. Hearing and Processing even…

26 Amazing Human Body Facts - Quick and Fascinating Facts for Kids

26 Amazing Human Body Facts

The Human brain has a Memory capacity which is the Equivalent of more than Four terabytes on a hard drive. The total Length of all the Blood vessels in the…