Korean Short Stories – Ungrateful Tiger..!!

Korean Short Stories in English - Ungrateful Tiger Fable with Moral Lesson

Once a village was attacked by a fearsome tiger. Attacks became so regular that villagers were scared to go out even in daytime. So, one day all village elders get together to think of solution. After discussion they decided that they would set out traps all around village. They dug deep holes and filled each … Read more

Four Friends Story – Be Wise

Four Friends Story with Moral - Think Wisely Moral Stories for Kids in English

Once there were four friends who used to live in a village. Among those friends three were learned and had studied many scriptures where as fourth one was unlearned and didn’t have any knowledge of scriptures but he was wise one. One day they all decided to go to city to look for jobs for … Read more

Woodcutter Honesty – Aesop Fable

Honest Woodcutter Story - Aesops Fables Classic Short Moral Stories for Kids

Once in a village lived a woodcutter. Everyday morning he would go to forest to cut trees and then in evening he would bring woods back to village in market to sell. He used to earn just enough to make a living. One day he was cutting a tree near a river. While cutting his … Read more

Tit for Tat Story – Selfish Fox.!

Tit for Tat Stories - Selfish Fox and Clever Stork Story Aesop Fable for Kids

Once a fox and stork used to live in same forest. One day fox invited stork for dinner at his home. Stork happily accepted his invite and next evening stork went to fox’s house. Fox opened door and welcomed him to his home. They sat there and spent time talking. Soon it was time for … Read more

Boy who Cried Wolf..!!

Never Tell A Lie Stories - Classic Famous Moral Short Stories for Kids

Once in a village lived a boy with his father. One day father told his son that he is grown old enough to look after sheep all by himself. So from that day onward, everyday boy would take sheep to grass field and watch over them as they spread all over field grazing grass. Just … Read more

Every Effort Counts..

Every Effort Counts Short Stories - Importance of Working Together Story

Story 1: Little Bird’s Effort..!! Once a long time ago, a great fire occurred in the forest. All the people and animals living in the forest started to run to try to escape from fire. Among birds, an owl noticed a small bird who was flying back and forth between the nearest river and fire. … Read more

Chaos in Forest..!!

Panchatantra Short Stories - Handling Rumors Wisely Moral Story to Learn

Once upon a time in a forest a hare was resting under a tree. While resting he was thinking about what would happen to him if earth break. Just then he heard a very weird sound. He got scared and said, “Earth is breaking up..” and started running. On his way another hare saw him … Read more

Karma Stories – Three Friends..!!

Short Stories on Karma - Greed and its Result Three Friends Moral Story

Once in a village lived three friends who were not able to earn much money so one day they decided to go to city together to earn money. On decided day all three friends came prepared for the journey to city. After walking for two days on their way to city while walking through a … Read more

Korean Stories – Tiger’s Whisker

Korean Stories in English - Tiger's Whisker Korean Fable Stories wid Moral

Once upon a time lived a couple on country side. Husband was very loving soulmate before he left for wars but ever since he returned he became very angry and unpredictable. His nature became so scary that his wife was scared to live with her. There was Hermit who used to live there and people … Read more

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