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Here are some engaging apologues featuring animals, legendary creatures, plants, inanimate objects enlightening moral lesson/ teaching moral values.

King's Question and Wise Man Interesting Answer

King’s Question and Wise Man Interesting Answer

One day King came to know about a wise man who was visiting his kingdom. King got curious and called for wise man to visit his court. When wise man came to King’s court, King said to him, “I have heard about your wisdom. I want to ask you something but if you are not…

Seven Pots of Gold - Yaksha Offer to Barber

Seven Pots of Gold – Yaksha Offer to Barber

A barber lived in a village with his wife and children. Barber was honest and satisfied with his earnings. He had no greed. His wife managed her household very efficiently with income earned by her husband. Overall, their life was going with great ease and joy. Barber was skilled in his work. One day, King…

Frog and Rabbit Aesop Fable - Never Give Up

Frog and Rabbit Story – Never Give Up

Once some wild dogs were chasing a herd of rabbits. All rabbits were running to save their lives. Somehow, they could avoid becoming victim of wild dogs and hid behind a dry bush. Everyone was weary because of all the running and being scared of losing their life. After wild dogs left, rabbits took a…

Dishonest Milkman - Moral Story for Kids

Dishonest Milkman Loss!

A milkman used to live in a village. He had ten cows whose milk he used to sell after going to city. Everyday he had to cross village river to reach city. He used to cross river by boat and after selling milk to his customers, he would back to his village by that boat….

Who is Real Mother - Mother's Love for her Child Jataka Tales

Who is Real Mother?

Once in a village, two women were fighting over a little child. Matter was taken to wise village chief. First woman said, “He is my child. Please tell her to leave him alone.” Another woman cried, “No, he is mine.” Wise man said to first woman, “What do you have to say?” She replied, “He…

Blind and Lame Man - Helping Each Other Aesop Fable Moral Story

Blind and Lame Man Story

Once in a forest, near a city, lived two beggars. There were in same profession but there were not many alms they could get and because of that they became enemies. One was blind and other was lame. They were always quarreling about territories. Because there were two of them, there was great struggle and…

Monkey King and Water Demon - Be Attentive to Surroundings

Monkey King and Water Demon – Be Attentive to Surroundings

Once upon a time, in deep forest, lived a large group of monkeys. They had a King who big and wise. King had advised all monkeys, “There are many poisonous fruits in this forest and ponds are possessed by demons. So if any of you see any unusual fruit or unknown pond then don’t eat…

Lion and Camel Story - Always be on Guard Panchtantra Story

Lion and Camel Story – Always be on Guard

Once in jungle, lived a lion with his three assistant – crow, jackal and leopard. They regularly roamed around jungle together. One day, they saw a camel in jungle. They were surprised to see a camel there. So lion went to him and ask about it. Camel told him that he was separated from his…

Crow and Cobra Story - Clever Thinking Panchtantra Moral Story

Crow and Cobra Story – Clever Thinking

Once there was a big banyan tree on a river bank. A couple of crow lived on one of the branch of that tree. They built a nest there. One day, crow laid eggs and was eagerly waiting for young ones to come out of eggs. There in cavity of tree, lived a cobra. When…

Two Brother's and Apple Tree Story - Always be Kind

Two Brother’s and Magical Tree Story

Once upon a time, there were two brother’s who lived at forest edge. Older brother was arrogant and was always unkind and rude to his younger brother. Where as Younger brother was kind and even if older brother disrespected him, treated him bad, took his things and food, he never did anything wrong to him….

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