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Fable are Short Story where Animals are Personified like Sparrow, Monkey etc. that Teaches a Lesson or Convey Moral. Children tend to find this Appealing, Making the Moral of the Story more Relevant. Here are Some Selected Aesop Fable Stories, Jataka Tales, Panchtantra Stories for Kids.

Blind and Lame Man - Helping Each Other Aesop Fable Moral Story

Blind and Lame Man Story

Once in a forest, near a city, lived two beggars. There were in same profession but there were not many alms they could get and because of that they became…

Lion and Camel Story - Always be on Guard Panchtantra Story

Lion and Camel Story – Always be on Guard

Once in jungle, lived a lion with his three assistant – crow, jackal and leopard. They regularly roamed around jungle together. One day, they saw a camel in jungle. They…

Two Brother's and Apple Tree Story - Always be Kind

Two Brother’s and Magical Tree Story

Once upon a time, there were two brother’s who lived at forest edge. Older brother was arrogant and was always unkind and rude to his younger brother. Where as Younger…

Cunning Lion and Foolish Cow - Panchtantra Story with Moral

Cunning Lion and Foolish Cow Story

Long ago, there was green and fresh pasture, where three cows lived, a white cow, black cow and brown cow. Cows were kind and nice to each other. They used…

Jackal and Drums - Short Panchtantra Tales in English

Two Short Panchtantra Tales with Moral

Story 1: Jackal and Drums..! Once upon a time, a jackal wandered away from his jungle and reached a deserted place. He was very hungry, so he started looking for…