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Fable are Short Story where Animals are Personified like Sparrow, Monkey etc. that Teaches a Lesson or Convey Moral. Children tend to find this Appealing, Making the Moral of the Story more Relevant. Here are Some Selected Aesop Fable Stories, Jataka Tales, Panchtantra Stories for Kids.

Farmer and Fox Story - Aesop Fables with Moral for Kids

Farmer and Fox Story..!

Once upon a time, a farmer was living in a village near jungle. Farmer had big farm land where he used to cultivate crops and…

Owl and Grasshopper Story - Moral Short Stories for Kids

Owl and Grasshopper Story

It was a warm sunny day. An owl was sleeping inside his hole. Suddenly he heard a croaking sound. Owl got disturbed and irritated, looked…

Clever Rabbit and Lion Story - Best Famous Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Clever Rabbit and Foolish Lion Story

Once upon a time, there was a valley surrounded by mountains. Many animals animals like rabbits, squirrels, deer etc made this lovely valley their home….

Moral Stories for Kids - Always Keep Good Company

Moral Stories for Kids..

Story 1: Farmer and Stork..!! Once in a field, farmer saw that cranes were destroying his newly sown corn. So he planned to catch those…

Priest and Goat Story - How Media Works Sarcastic Short Moral Stories

Priest and Goat Story..!!

Once in a village lived a brahmin. People would invite him to their home for performing religious rituals and would offer him gift or fees…

Four Friends Story with Moral - Think Wisely Moral Stories for Kids in English

Four Friends Story – Be Wise..!!

Once there were four friends who used to live in a village. Among those friends three were learned and had studied many scriptures where as…