Elephant Tied by Rope! Trapped in a Mindset

Elephant Tied by Rope! Trapped in a MindsetOne day a man went to see circus. After show was over, while leaving, he passed by enclosure of elephants.

Man thought that because elephant was such giant animal, it must be kept locked in big cage but scene was completely opposite.

There he saw that elephant was kept only by tying a rope to its front leg. He was surprised to see that.

He went to elephant trainer and asked, “You people have tied this elephant just with help of rope only. Elephant can easily break this rope and leave yet it is not trying to break it, why?

Elephant trainer replied, “Ever since when this elephant was baby, we have been tying it with such rope. At that time he tried to break this rope but was very small and that’s why it couldn’t break it. After sometime it stopped trying.

Even today this same thinking is intact that it cannot break this rope. Even though it grew up, it still wouldn’t try.”

Like those elephants, we also get tied by rope of negative thinking because of failure. In life, if we get failed at some work then we start believing that once we fail, we will never get success in it and because of this thinking, we never try again.

There is need to get out of such thinking. Therefore, One need to break the chain of thinking that stop one from trying because failure is part of learning.

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