Elderly Advice to Young Man – Be Careful

Elderly Advice to Young Man - Be CarefulThere was small village on edge of forest. Forest surrounding village had many wild animals. That’s why it was very important for people of village to have knowledge of climbing trees, so that they could save their lives by climbing trees when faced with wild animals.

An elderly who used to live in that village. He was expert in tree climbing and used train young ones.

One time, elderly was training a group of youth and it was last day of their training. For their final test elderly took them to a tree which was tall and smooth and very difficult to climb.

Elderly said to them, “Today is last day of your training. I want to see if you guys have adept at climbing trees. That’s why today i challenge you to climb this tree and if you all succeed in climbing this tree, then you can easily climb any tree in the world.”

They stood in line to climb the tree.

When first young mans tarted climbing tree, he was able to climb it very easily and then started coming down.

While he was getting down half way, he heard elderly shouting, “Be careful.. get down slowly.. there is no rush..”

Young man did same and got down slowly and carefully.

After that all young man started climbing tree one bye one. Every time, young man used to climb tree, elderly would not say anything but when they were halfway down or just about or reach bottom, he would say, “Take it easy and slow.. Be careful. There is no kind of hurry.”

Following elderly instruction whole group succeeded in climbing down the tree. Everyone was happy.

After a while, a young man went to elderly and said, “Baba, you told us to be careful while coming down from tree.. Why not while climbing that tree?

It was most diffcult to climb to topmost branch of that tree yet you didn’t tell us to be careful while climbing but while we were coming down from tree half way or less then you asked us to be careful. Why so?”

Elderly said, “Look, it is very difficult to climb the topmost branch of the tree. I know this and you too. That’s why you were already alert without me saying.

This happens with everyone. At the beginning of the work, everyone moves forward with caution. But lapse in vigilance and caution happens when we are near the destination.

Then we start feeling that our work is about to be completed. The destination is not far away and there our attention wanders and we make mistakes.

So always remember that there is a difference between reaching near the destination and actually reaching the destination.”

It happens many times in our life that even after being on the verge of completing a task, we are not able to complete it. Something goes wrong at the last moment and we are left with regrets.

A little carelessness at the last moment spoils our entire work. This happens because we lose our patience when we reach near the destination. We make mistakes because of losing patience. So keep patience till you reach the destination.

As much patience and care is necessary at the beginning of the work, it is also necessary till the end of the work. So do not lose patience till the work is completed. Be as careful as you were at the beginning.

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