Effect of Teaching in Life – Buddha’s Discourse

Effect of Teaching in Life - Buddha DiscourseBuddha used to give discourse to his followers. Not only people from village but many people from far away places would come to listen to his discourse.

A person used to come from far away, everyday to listen to discourse given by Buddha. For about a month, he continued to come to listen to discourse. He listened very carefully to every word Buddha said and would return when discourse end.

One day, after discourse was over, man stayed. After everyone left, he went to Buddha and said, “I want to ask you something.”

Buddha replied, “Ask.”

Man said, “I have been listening very carefully to your teachings every day for a month. I remember everything you said but they are not having any effect in my life. I am starting to wonder if there is something that i lack.”

Buddha asked, “Where do you live?”

Man replied, “At Sravasti, a near by village.”

Buddha asked, “How do you come here?”

Man replied, “Sometimes on foot, sometimes by horse cart, sometimes by bullock cart.”

Then Buddha said, “Tell me, will you be able to reach back your home right now, just by sitting here?”

Man replied, “How is that possible!! How can i reach my home just by sitting here. I have to walk to get there. Even if i don’t go on foot, a means of transport will be needed to reach there such as bullock cart or horse..”

Buddha said, “Right.. One has to walk to reach the destination. Destination cannot be reached without moving. Similarly to bring change into life, one has to follow these teaching.

These teaching are not effective in life just by listening. You also have to behave accordingly. Apply these teachings in your life, follow the path and then you will be able to see positive change in your life.

We hear so many good and bad things in a day. We listen to some things and ignore them. Some things remain on our mind board for some time, then we forget them. Some things get preserved in our subconscious in the form of memories.

But the things that we follow, we start following, they affect our lives. They gradually become ingrained in our habits and eventually become a part of our personality by getting involved in our nature.

Therefore, If you Want to Bring a Positive Change in your Life, Don’t just Listen to the Good things, Follow them too.

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