Way to Overcome Fear – Master Teaching

Way to Overcome Fear and Cowardice - Master Teaching

Once in a city, lived a martial arts teacher who was wise and famous for his teachings. There lived a man who was scared of everything and would run away from everything that scared him. It was getting difficult for him to live normally. So one day he decided to go to Master for help. … Read more

Admit you Mistakes – Little Boy Story

Little Boy Story - Admit Your Mistakes Life Lesson for Kids with Moral

Once there was a little boy name Steve and his elder sister Neena, went to visit their grandparents on their farm. Steve loved to play with his slingshot. So one day he took his slingshot and went towards wood to practice with it. There he tried many times but could never hit target. It got … Read more

Mountain Climber Story – Trust God’s Plan

Trust Gods Plan Story - Mountain Climber and God Conversation Story

Once there was a man who used to climb mountains. One day he decided to climb a particular mountain and was so confident in his own abilities that he didn’t even bother doing research and plan beforehand. On decided day, he packed up his gear and started his upward trek. When he reached half way … Read more

Test for Young Man – Logical Thinking..!

Stories Logical Thinking - Sage Test fr Young Man want to Study Vedas

Once a young man came to a renowned Indian Sage. He went to him and said, “I have come to you because i wish to study Vedas..” Sage asked, “Do you know Sanskrit?” “No”, young man replied. Sage asked, “Have you studied any Indian philosophy? Young man confidently said, “No but i just finished my … Read more

Danger of Addiction – Deer Story

Deer Story - Gardener Plan to Trap Deer n Danger of Addiciton Moral Story

Once upon a time, There was a gardener who looked after King’s pleasure garden. Garden was beautiful and sometimes animals from near by forest would come to garden. King had instructed gardener that if he sees any strange or rare animal in garden then he should at once inform King about it. One day, gardener … Read more

Zen Master Test for Boys..!

Short Stories about Stealing - Zen Master Test for Young Boys Moral Story

Once upon a time, on outskirt of a big city stood an old temple. Many young boys who wanted to study Buddhism would come to live in temple and to learn from Master (Head Buddhist Monk) at temple. One day, Master decided to test his students. So he gathered all young boys around him and … Read more

Young Boy Repentance – Story about School Life

Stories about Student Life - Learning Life Lesson Hard Way Moral Story

Once there was a young boy named Aman who used to live in countryside with his father and mother. His father used to work hard in a farm to earn money while his mother would do all household work. Managing one year of school fees was difficult for them to begin with as they hardly … Read more

Moral Story for Kids – Boy who Always Won..!!

Moral Stories for Kids - Learning is More Important than Winning Story

Once in a city lived a boy Steve who loved to play video games. He was good at playing games yet he became expert in all kind of tricks and cheating because he couldn’t stand losing to anyone. He became so expert at cheating that he could play practically win any game by cheating without … Read more

Foolish Man Story – Jeweler Stupidity..!!

Foolish Man Story - Jeweler Stupidity and Greed Short Story in English

Once a fair was help in a village. In fair, people were roaming around and seeing many shops and buying things. Among those there was a small shop set up by an illiterate man. His shop was filled with many colorful jewelry and others things made of glass. In fair, a jeweler was also roaming … Read more

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