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Here are some shortlisted stories comprising innovative thinking, decision making for students moral guidance.

Teacher Assignment for Kids - Story about Hatred

Bag of Tomatoes – Teacher Assignment for Kids

One day a teacher asked her students, “Tomorrow, all of you bring some tomatoes in a plastic bag to school but there is condition to how many number of tomatoes each one of you have to bring..” Students asked, “What is it?” Teacher replied, “You should give each tomato a name of person you hate…

Teacher Lesson to Students Arguing - Point of View

Teacher Lesson to Students Arguing – Point of View

In a class, two students started quarreling with each other. Seeing their quarrel, teacher asked, “What’s matter? Why you two are fighting like this?” First student said, “Sir! He is not listening to me.” Second student said, “Sir, why should i listen to him? What he is saying is wrong. So, what is use of…

Value of Money Earned - Father Son Story

Value of Money Earned – Father Son Story

Long ago, lived a reputed merchant in a village who was blessed with a son after many years of his marriage. Son name was Chandra who was pampered by everyone in house. His every wish was fulfilled by his parents and family members. Time flew by. Chandra became a young man who never lacked anything…

Virtuous Man and Sage Story - Ways to Help Others

Virtuous Man and Sage Story – Way to Help Others

Once upon a time, a very virtuous person along with his family went for a pilgrimage. After going several miles, whole family started feeling thirsty. Water that man was carrying with him had run out. It was month of June and there was no water to be seen anywhere and his child started getting dehydrated….

Father Teaches Son Way to Have Fun - Real Joy

Father Teaches Son Way to Have Fun – Real Joy

In evening, father and son went for a walk. While walking they reached near fields, where they saw that a pair of old shoes were lying on the way. Shoes looked like they probably belonged to a poor laborer working near by in the fields. Seeing them son thought and said to his father, “Why…

Man and His Two Son Problem - Spending Money

Man and His Two Son Problem – Spending Money

A man had two sons. Nature of both sons was opposite to each other. One was very stingy about spending money and other used to overspend. Father was upset because of both. He told them many times to spend money in moderation but still they couldn’t understand. One day man came to know that a…

King Lesson to His Sons - Different Seasons Story

King Lesson to His Sons – Different Seasons Story

Long time ago, there was a kingdom in far south. It’s King had three sons. One day he thought that his sons should be given some education to prepare them for the time they take the reigns. With this thought, King called his three sons to the court and said, “There is a pear tree…

Jungle School Result - School Curriculum and Kids Ability Test

Jungle School Result – Kids Ability Test

One day, King of Forest, Lion declared that no one in forest will remain illiterate from now on wards. Every animal must send it’s child to school. King opened a school, it became a reputed school. Children of different animals like elephant, lion, monkey, fish, rabbit, turtle, camel and many more started coming to school….

Assume a Situation - Way Our Thinking Change

Thirsty Man under Tree – Way Our Thinking Change (Must Read)

Let’s assume a Situation You are full of sweat, very thirsty and your throat is dry but you are not getting water anywhere near by. In such situation, you stand under shade of a tree to eliminate fatigue. There is a building in front of that tree. Just then a window of an apartment on…

Disciple Question to Acharaya - Why is Discipline Important

Disciple Question – Why is Discipline Important?

In ancient times, In a Gurukul lived Acharya Sumedh with his disciples. He was very knowledgeable and adhered to discipline. One day after end of lesson, one of his disciple named Vartant asked him, “Acharayvar! Intellectual sharpness is basis of learning. Despite this why do you always talk about tying our whole life in rigid…

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