Does God Eat the Food Offered by Us?

Does God Eat the Food Offered by UsA disciple asked his Guru, “Does God eat the food offered by us? If yes, then why doesn’t that food gets any less in quantity and if not, then what is the benefit of offering it?”

Guru ji did not give any answer immediately. After completing the lesson, Guru ji recited a verse and asked all the disciples to memorize the verses after reading it from the book.

After an hour, Guru asked the question to disciple whether he had memorized the verse or not.

Disciple recited the entire verse. Still Guru didn’t responded in confirmation of it as correct.

Seeing this, disciple said, “If you want to check, you can see the book. Verse i recited is right.”

Guru ji showed book to disciple and said, “The verse is in the book only, so how did you remember it?”

Disciple could not say anything.

Then Guru ji said, “The verses in the book are in physical form. When you read the verse, it entered inside you in a subtle form! In the same subtle form it stays in your mind. Not only this, even when you read it and memorized it, that verse is still present there in book in its physical form.

In the same way, the Supreme Soul, who pervades the whole world, accepts our request, our offering in a subtle form, so there is no reduction in the food and we accept the same as Prasad (a devotional offering made to a God, typically consisting of food that is later shared among devotees).”

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